Exclusive December in Clever fit Kotva

28.11. 2022

Clever fit Kotva is launching an Exclusive December event. Anyone who buys a Basic or Exclusive membership during December will get loads of benefits thanks to it!

If you buy a 12-month Basic membership during December, you'll be able to enjoy the same services as Exclusive membership holders until the end of 2022! Which means, among other things, the opportunity to work out on the unique Biocircuit circuit training or enjoy minutes on the solarium or massage bed.

If you opt for a 12-month Exclusive membership, you'll work out for FREE for the entire month of December! Your membership won't start until January 2023. So the sooner you buy your membership, the longer you'll work out for free. In addition, with every 12-month membership, new members will receive a gift of 1 free month added to their membership.

And don't forget - at Clever fit Kotva, everyone's first entry is free! So before you decide to buy a membership, you can try out the fitness for free.

Then, for the last week of December, there's the Clever fit Days event, where everyone who wants to try our club gets two free entries at the Exclusive level. They can not only work out on all the machines (including the Biocircuit circuit training) anytime from 24 to 31 December, but they can also make full use of the Fitness Bar and enjoy a 10-minute relaxation on the solarium or massage bed after the workout.