Comparison: Concentric and Eccentric Exercises

01.06. 2021

Strength workout includes two types of movements - concentric and eccentric. Concentric movement is defined as a shortening of a muscle that contracts at the same time. This happens when you lift weight to build biceps muscles.

Eccentric or concentric strength workout 

With eccentric movement, the muscle lengthens while creating force at the same time, for example when you lower the weight again during a lift to build biceps muscles. 


Eccentric training causes more muscle damage

However, both lead to greater hypertrophy / increase in muscle mass. There is some evidence suggesting that eccentric exercises stimulate muscle mass more than concentric ones. This may result in a faster muscle building response or (anabolic) signals and induced muscle damage. 

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Most studies take the view that eccentric exercises cause a greater increase in muscle hypertrophy than concentric exercises. However, the difference in their effect is very small -  the muscle growth due to eccentric movements is by 3.2% higher on average, without statistical significance.

In terms of muscle hypertrophy , there is no difference between the concentric and eccentric workout according to several studies with the same conclusion. The eccentric workout may provide a minor advantage, however, if this is true, the advantage is very small and probably not significant.



The difference then must lie in the loads!

The load differences between these two movements can add a minor advantage to eccentric workout. A bigger load is often used in eccentric workout, which concurrently supports muscle building. 

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